Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Who is the 'Biggest Loser' when it comes to shaving off business excesses to survive during the current global economic crisis?

Well, no-one really knows but one thing we are sure about is that big companies who aren't faring too badly are using this as an excuse to force redundancies, reduce pay levels and cut out anything that made your job more comfortable.

But have they cut their own pay packets? Unfortunately not.

Last week, Australia was up and arms about Bonds sacking 1800 staff to take their production off-shore. Now they may be the 'Biggest Loser' and win financially today, but their survival is more uncertain than ever before.

I remember the day I started buying Bonds. I saw an advertisement with Australian icons Sarah Murdock and Pat Rafter. I like both of these icons for various reasons. Sarah Murdock is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and let's face it... Australian.

Pat Rafter is the sporting great who took home to US Open's and rather than pay the tax man, gave a substantial amount of his winnings to charity. We like the way he thinks and let's face it, we all wish we could spend our tax on things other than giving it to Politicians to play with.

Now, a basic bond shirt looks sexy on Sarah Murdock, so it's only fitting that I too buy one. Right? Yes. Well given all that the brand represents, its something that all Australian's should do.

Since last week though, my thoughts are a little different. I would be very disappointed if Sarah Murdock and Pat Rafter continued to model for this now non-Australian brand (and I say this, because it has just sacked 1800 people who often live week to week and have families to support - all because they want to make more money - now that is un-Australian)and I know I personally would never buy another Bonds product.

Yes they make very cute baby clothes and their underwear is incredibly comfortable, but there is no way that I would want to be aligned to a brand that sells itself as being Australian and now has blatantly turned its back on the very essence of why they are so successful.

Who's the Biggest Loser now?

No amount of crisis management would work to repair the damage that was made last week.

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